These individuals have expertise in business domains in various industries – with skill set and experience to distinguish a good venture from a bad one. This model is different from the traditional VC’s and PE models, which have more rigid investment guidelines. It is an organization of people with a common goal of enhancing value of multiple businesses at the same time. Calcutta Angels Network’s main goal is to provide capital and guidance to start-ups and at the same time offer an opportunity for Angel investors to gain financially through networking, mentoring and education.



Membership includes Individual Members and Institutional Members. Individual Members may include a member who has an inclination to invest in a start-up organization and is interested to not only invest money but also time and energy for the growth of the start-up. Further, CAN strives for diversity of member base from different industries.



We are sector agnostic and are interested in for-profit, innovative, tech startups.

Calcutta Angels Network primarily focuses on Angel or seed stage investments. We have actively co-invested in some of our portfolio startups.

Criteria would be briefly:

-Quality of Team
– Innovation
– Market Size
– Competitiveness
– Financial Viability

Post Investment
Investing Norms


Step 1 – Business Plan Acceptance
Step 2 – Secretariat Pre-Screening
Step 3 – Deal Screening Committee Screening
Step 4 – Formal Presentation
Step 5 – Due Diligence
Step 6 – Term Sheet Negotiation
Step 7 – Execution
Step 8 – Beyond Funding